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Return Policy

Updated September 25, 2022

High Flight Brands, LLC dba Wyld Peony works with perishable products, and does not accept returns.  All sales are final.  

Should a container holding the perishables break on our terms (i.e., during design process or transport), we will replace it with a new container of equal value.  Should a container holding the perishables break on your terms (i.e., in your home or business after delivery), we will not be held responsible and will not replace the container.

We do not issue refunds; however, we want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If there is an issue with the flowers within 24 hours of receipt, we will do our best to offer limited substitutions.

Returns and/or refunds are based only on the quality of the flowers (they should be new and fresh when received).  If a flower appears to be unhealthy (i.e., all leaves and/or petals are dry, all leaves and/or petals are wilted, etc.), we will replace that flower as soon as possible.

Not liking the design, flower choice, or vessel choice is not a reason for returns and/or refunds.

Once the floral design is received, the person receiving the design is responsible for keeping water in the container and trimming ends of flowers to prolong life of flowers.  It is not the responsibility of High Flight Brands, LLC dba Wyld Peony to keep flowers alive once delivered.

Flower selection is based on seasonality and certain flowers may not always be available.  High Flight Brands, LLC dba Wyld Peony reserves the right to substitute flowers that will correspond to the same look and feel of the original design without prior consultation.  If you would like a specific flower or flowers, please call us to check availability.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the recipient is at the delivery location on the date of delivery.  If the recipient is not at that location, it is not cause for refund or exchange.  We may not call ahead to ensure recipient is home as to not ruin what may be a surprise.  We have fulfilled our obligation to purchaser upon delivery of arrangement, regardless of whether the recipient is at delivery location or not.

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