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Hello! I'm Jen and welcome to Wyld Peony!  


I have always had a passion for flowers - following my grandmother around as a child and listening to her tell me the names of all the flowers and plants she had in her garden, working at florists and in greenhouses throughout college, and working with florists as a wedding planner. I find inspiration and beauty in all of the flora and fauna that surround me. I moved to Tahoe in 1988 and have been enriched by its majesty in many ways. I never take for granted the beauty of the lake and forest and all they have to offer.

I never originally intended to be a floral designer. When I worked at my first florist shop in college, I was hooked! It inspired me to pursue a degree in Environmental Horticulture at UC Davis. I loved working in the greenhouses and learning all there is to know about plants and flowers. The science behind the beauty enthralled me.  

I didn't always work in the horticulture field. I've worked as an admin at an investment bank, wedding planner, interior design assistant, controller, and business manager! One could say I'm a "Jane" of all trades. I even started a composting business while living in Southern California and loved getting back to my horticulture roots.  

I want to inspire others through my floral designs, adding beauty and happiness to their homes and businesses. I love all things vintage, and am always collecting various containers that I find unique and artistic. I like to think outside the box when it comes to flowers and use unique textures, colors, and containers.

I can't wait to bring floral inspiration into your life!



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